Sketching – quick and dirty

I remember my first drawing lesson at university while starting my architecture studies. It was the exact opposite of what I was doing so far at school and at home.

We were told to build a punk tool made of rags, rubbish and anything we could find at home with which we could probably put some color on a sheet. The exercise was to draw or paint with this tool the object in front of us on the table. Tiny little stuff, screws, gadgets, toys whatever. By soaking the punk tool with black ink and drawing with it we were only able to produce images in a large scale with a lot of mistakes, rough, full of coincidences. 

By this we should learn to let go and put the chaos and coincidence I to our work to give room to interpretation. Of course this way of working is extreme, but it breaks something unhealthy in the perfectionist’s heart.

This is why my way of drawing and sketching turned 180 degrees around..


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