Self-built book shelves

During the days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve me and my boyfriend ( also an architect) finally had the time to turn our idea of a self-built book shelf into reality. After doing some sketches while drinking tea we discussed our versions and decided for one final one which would include our books as well as our instruments, LPs, CDs and the Hifi. The result is simple but without any compromise for us.

The company ‘Element Systeme’ from Germany produces a system made of steel (black, silver or white) with beams that you click into the vertical profiles. The shelves we picked are not part of the system but individually chosen. We decided for black 19mm strong MDF to prevent the shelves from bending as books tend to be pretty heavy. All in all it is not a solution for people looking for the cheapest option but a solution that is in height and width exactly the measure you want it to be.

As an excuse for the noisy drilling I bought some chocolate for the neighbours. If you don’t live lonely in the highlands with the next neighbours 20 km away you should consider that 😉


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